Hostel: temporary accommodation


Hostel rooms for business travelers or private individuals are also available at the Würzburg Green Living Inn. Furnished, price-efficient temporary living in the new student residence directly in Hubland! A total of 10 residential units are available here, divided into 9 single apartments and one 2-room double apartment.


We do not guarantee the accuracy and/or completeness of the following non-binding information. Please obtain additional information from the official website of the state government at: Legally binding information on the currently valid regulations in connection with the Corona pandemic can only be provided by the state government. We therefore ask you to refrain from telephone inquiries at the hotel.

Bavaria: According to the current Bavarian Infection Control Measures Ordinance (BayIfSMV) we are allowed to offer the following services:

Overnight stays: we may only accept guests upon presentation of proof of complete vaccination, recovery from the SARS Cov-2 virus or presentation of a negative corona test result (3G).


Are there any free rooms in the hostel?


We keep the page up to date and you can see directly what is still available.
Outside the opening hours the page is not processed, requests for this are processed after receipt.
Available rooms are displayed according to single room (SR) and double room (DR).


Equipment room


The fully furnished rooms with private bathrooms also have a microwave, refrigerator with freezer,TV with satellite TV and wi-fi.

Blanket and pillow are provided and covered.
In the bathroom there are a small towel, a large towel and a foot towel ready



Internet access is provided via ticketing (voucher) from the company GoingSoft



free parking spaces according to availability in the underground garage or on the outdoor parking spaces


Shared kitchen


A fully equipped common kitchen is available to all visitors of the single rooms. The double room has its own cooking facilities.

Room cleaning


Once a week the room is thoroughly cleaned. Here we change the bed linen and replace the towels



In the laundry room there are 3 coin-operated washing machines and coin-operated dryers.





Single room:
Daily price: 55,00 € incl. 7 % VAT.
Monthly price: 749,00 € incl. 7 % VAT.





Double room:
Daily price:   75,00 € incl. 7 % VAT.
Monthly price: 1230,50 € incl. 7 % VAT.




Here you can send us a request directly.
Please note that the reception is not continuously staffed.
Short-term requests at the weekend or holidays can unfortunately not be processed.

Hinweis: Bitte die mit * gekennzeichneten Felder ausfüllen.



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