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Student residence and hostel in Kempten and since 2018 - both also in Wuerzburg.

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Lively and full of history


The former Roman city looks back on a long history that can be experienced in many places: in the Cambodunum Archaeological Park, in the underground showroom Erasmuskapelle, in the state rooms of the Residenz or in the Kempten Museum in the Zumsteinhaus. Kempten is also the number one destination in the Allgäu region when it comes to shopping, events and culture. The special flair of the city can be enjoyed especially in the summer months in the numerous street cafes and restaurants.



Wuerzburg and the Franconian wine country inspire with a unique blend of culture and tradition. A harmonious coexistence of city and country, science and business, sushi and bratwurst, wine festival and cocktail bar, entertainment and relaxation. The Residence is the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the number one attraction for visitors. Names such as Tilman Riemenschneider and Giovanni Battista Tiepolo are inextricably linked with Wuerzburg.