Frequently asked questions

Before moving in


are there still rooms available?
We inform on our homepage how far the room allocation is.


Who is eligible to apply to the Green Living Inn student dormitory?
The Green Living Inn Würzburg is a state-subsidized dormitory for students. In order to apply, you must be studying in Würzburg at the university or FH and be currently enrolled.
We cannot accept trainees, doctoral candidates, Ph. D. students or trainee teachers.


What do I have to do to get a free room?
On our homepage you can find everything under the point application the exact procedure and the application forms with the checklist. If you have a document or something not yet available, it can be submitted later.


Which documents do I definitely have to submit? Bafög? Self-disclosure?
National: Bafög decision or our signed form for a self-disclosure according to §13.
International: matriculation, signed form for self-disclosure, blocked account, currently valid visa.


Can I put my name on a waiting list?
Yes, once all required documents have been received, you will be placed on the applicant list.
You can only be placed on the list for the following semester.


how long is the rental period?
The minimum lease term is 6 months (1 semester), the maximum lease term is 3.5 years (7 semesters).
Contracts continue until one party cancels or the contract expires.


when must the deposit be paid?
The deposit must be transferred independently before handing over the keys.
If the move-in is very close, please bring a transfer receipt mibringen.


how much is the deposit for my room?
3 cold rent plus 50,00 € deposit for the transponder


Can I see my room in advance?
Sure! Please contact the property management, we will arrange an appointment with the current tenant.

when do I have to pay rent?
For the start of the rent we have the 1st of each month.
Please note that the rent must be paid no later than the 3rd working day of each month and will be collected by us via Sepa direct debit.


When will I receive the certificate from the landlord?
The certificate will be signed and handed out directly when you move in. You thave 2 weeks for registration in the city hall.


on which days can I move in?
You will receive precise information from the property management as to when this is possible. We always make an exact date here during the office opening times.


Can I bring my own furniture?
As long as they have space in your room


what about internet?
All residents can use LAN without restriction. For wifi, your own separate router must be installed.


how can I watch TV?
Each apartment has a satellite TV connection.
Please note: Broadcasting fees have to be paid separately. However, Bafög recipients can be exempted from the broadcasting fees.


During the stay at the Green Living Inn


Who can I contact if I have a question?
For administrative matters, please contact the local house management: the opening hours are posted at the respective reception desks directly on site. For everyday questions, our tutors are at your disposal. You will receive all information about our tutoring program when you move in.


Are there certain rules that I have to follow?
Yes, we have house rules that we hand out to you together with the rental contract. These are also displayed on the two information boards.


May I smoke in my room?
No. Smoking is not allowed in the room or in the rest of the building.


must the garbage be separated?
Of course! Waste separation is also part of the house rules. For more information, please contact the property management.


What happens if I do not comply with the house rules?
Violations are grounds for termination.


What happens if I do not pay my rent on time?
When paying via SEPA direct debit, please make sure that the account has sufficient funds. If the direct debit is returned, a fee will also be charged. Repeated delinquencies/payment delays are grounds for termination.


May I sublet my room?
Please contact the property management for this.


Can I move within the Green Living Inn?
No, this is not possible



what notice periods must be observed? Where can I send them?
Notice of termination must be received 6 weeks in advance of the end of the semester in written letter form via mail/email or given to a property management staff member. Confirmations will be promptly placed in the tenant's mailboxes at Green Living Inn

Green Living Inn Würzburg
Attn: Mr. Danzer
Rottendorfer Str. 61
97074 Würzburg

Summer Semester Term 01.04. - 30.09, Winter Semester 01.10. - 31.03


On what date can I cancel?
The contracts always run for 6 months
Summer semester term 01.04. - 30.09, winter semester 01.10. - 31.03
You can therefore only cancel on 31.3. or 30.9


But what if I want to move out earlier?
You are free to decide when you move out. You are welcome to discuss the options with the property management. It is not possible to shorten the contracts

When will I get my deposit back?
As contractually agreed, the deposit will be transferred to the account known to us after a reasonable processing period from the end of the contract (approx. 3 months).


What do I have to consider when moving out?
- Agree on an exact handover date for the day of moving out.
- Clean in, clean out: the room must be left completely clean and tidy.
- take food out of the fridge or dispose of it
- dispose of remaining garbage

- WG info: At the WG move out check, the room and the shared area will be checked. Here everything should also be correct.