Application - the way to the dormitory


Step 1 - Information


Read all the information about Campus Wuerzburg at your leisure.

Here you will find everything about prices, rental period and much more!

Step 2 - Application


At the bottom of this page the documents are listed in German or English.
Fill out the application form and follow the checklist of the form!
This shows what we need from the applicants.
Everything filled out and collected?
Send the mail to us right away!
If something is missing, you are welcome to send it in later!


Important! Send documents in PDF format only!!! Documents in other formats will not be processed

info [at]

or the whole thing in an envelope by mail to:

Green Living Inn Würzburg
z. Mr. Danzer
Rottendorfer Str. 61
97074 Würzburg

Step 3 - Receipt and review of documents


When the documents are received, we will write a short confirmation and check them promptly. If something is still missing, we ask you to submit the missing documents quickly

Step 4 - Applicant list


If all documents have been received in full, we will confirm this and you will be placed on the list of applicants.

Step 5 - The rental contract


When the notices are received, the applicant list is pulled here and processed according to our selection process. In addition to the scan of the lease agreement, there is also all the information about the deposit payment. Please transfer the deposit to the appropriate account at least 7 days before you move in.

All relevant documents for a dorm application can be found here:

01 Bewerbung deutsch.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 58.6 KB
02 Bewerbung englisch.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 57.7 KB
03 Anfrage Wü Schufa.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 452.3 KB
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 95.9 KB

Have any other questions arisen? We will be happy to answer them

Info, if we still have free rooms or answers around the room can be found here


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